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Articles entered into the Archives need to have a certain structure and format in order to ensure redeability and consistency. At the same time, there is a need to ensure fairness to all clans, temples, players and areas. Therefore, a consistant way of dealing with information eeds to be applied on all entries.

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[edit] Editing

When you edit an existing page, please be considerate and summarise what you did in the Summary field.

[edit] Specific Categories

[edit] Historical Figures

Occasionally, the need will arise to link to and talk about adventurers who have contributed significantly to the world. This is a somewhat grey area, but we have a few rules of thumb to indicate when an adventurer warrants a page and when it doesn't:

  • The person must be a major contributor in some verifiable historical event.
  • Verifiable means included in an event post or otherwise endorsed/approved by an immortal. Character backgrounds and made up fiction are not verifiable.
  • Simply participating in an event is not enough to warrant a separate article. However, being the catalyst to a major world event can be.
  • Becoming a clan or temple leader, let alone officer, is not enough to warrant an article, but being the first (founding) one probably is or having lead one for one year or longer real time.

When in doubt, always err on the side of not creating an historical figure article. It is (and should be) a major achievement to be written into the pages of history and is not for everyone. If you're still unsure and think a person warrants a separate article, seek approval first.

[edit] Principal NPCs

Major named NPCs (RP loaded ones) or area NPCs that have a huge role in determining the IC nature of areas alone are to be determined. These include royalty, city administrators, healers and major shop owners. Do not write articles about NPCs that are of no IC significance or lack a unique name.

[edit] Areas and Geography

Information on areas in DE is divided into two broad categories- viz Geography and Continents. Continents contain the areas of DE by continent. Geography contains specific features like rivers and forests. If an area is solely of one geographical type, only one article is created for both and classified under two categories. However, in case a part of the overall larger area belongs to a Geographical type (eg. there is a river and village and a swamp in the Thakissis River Basin, among other things). In this case, Thakissis River Basin is entered as an Area in the Eastern Continent and entries for Thakissis Swamp and River and Lizardman Village are created under appropriate heads in Geography.

[edit] Objects

Do not seek to write about all good equipment in DE. Indeed, avoid creating articles on that basis. Refer to only those items that have IC significance or have historically been used in RP. If an object is obtained through an area quest, do not under any circumstances reveal how to get it. Indeed, try to be vague about objects which need to be obtained through interaction with NPCs or solving riddles.

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